World’s End

Like any respectable Bostonian, I understand some basic rules about weather:

  • Always bring an extra layer. 
  • Don’t walk on brick when it’s snowing.
  • Never trust a weather report. Unless it’s in the Farmers’ Almanac.
  • Jackets with removable hoods are very handy.
  • Everyone needs a mud room.
  • Drop everything and take advantage of the good weather while you can.


This last rule was my guide and compass yesterday, when I ignored the looming workload that my current projects demand and joined a good friend for a picnic and hike at World’s End out in Hingham. There was hardly a cloud in the sky for most of the day. There’s something about picnics and meadows that brings me back to childhood and that old amazement of discovery. When you’re a child, every tree, every bug, every bird and every footprint, every rut on a carriage road is new for you to name. As a city-dwelling adult, to have a few hours to be in the woods or by the ocean is a welcome respite. It was nice to visit nature — and childhood — yesterday.


Today, on the other hand, is a good day to do our indoor work. It is muggy and wet, and you could smell the rain before it arrived. It makes me even more glad for yesterday’s adventure. It will hold me over, and help me remember there is also beauty in the cloud-darkened window, the relief of the thirsty trees and flowers, and the glistening brick sidewalks.

World's End, Hingham, MA

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