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Welcome to Fall

I took a few crane-your-neck, touristy photos this weekend, because this weather (happy first day of fall!) is so lovely. We Bostonians know better than to take good weather for granted…




Plum Island

Another photo from my recent trip to Newburyport.

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I went up to Newburyport with a friend for a few hours this afternoon. I forgot what a pretty town it was; I hadn’t been there for years (maybe 6 or 7?). It was also a picture-perfect New England summer day.

Lobster traps

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Rainy Walk on the Freedom Trail

Took a little time today to play tourist in my hometown.

Site where the infamous Boston Massacre took place.

The Robert Gould Shaw Memorial (it really should be the 54th Memorial…)

The Old State House.
Here they read a copy of the Declaration of Independence after it arrived from Philadelphia (July 18, 1776). Locals tore down the lion and unicorn (symbols of British monarchy) that same day; they weren’t replaced on the facade until 1882.

The beautiful U.S.S. Constitution, known for her role in the War of 1812.

One of the windows at the Paul Revere House.

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Summer In the City

The always beautiful Public Garden.


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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th!
Photo courtesy of Alan Hogan
Here’s to a safe and happy holiday tomorrow!

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Urban Renewal

Newbury Street, June 2013.

Newbury Street, June 2013.

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