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Rabbit, Rabbit

This is a bit late, but it was apropos yesterday. Have you ever heard the old English superstition that the first words you should say on the first day of every month are “Rabbit, rabbit”? This one was new to me, but apparently it is well known to many New Englanders.

Learn more on the Yankee magazine website.

Speaking of the first day of the month, we are well on our way to spring now. I know Boston has been in the news for its unusually harsh winter, but most New Englanders I know (except the snowbirds) accept it without much complaint. Those who do complain don’t like winter to begin with, and probably would be happier joining the aforementioned snowbirds down in sunny Florida.

Still, even for people who love snow and winter, March is the time when we start to turn our thoughts to spring, and before you know it, we’ll have daffodils. Perhaps we’ll spy a few rabbits too.


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